Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries of Hope Community.  When we give and manage our money and resources God’s way the results are absolutely life-changing. Your gifts further God's work in our church, our community, and the world by using your gifts and resources through the local church.

Ways to Give

There are a number of ways to give gifts to Hope Church. A description is found below. For any questions about giving, email our Assistant Treasurer,  Dan Downing or call at 484-213-3568. 

DIRECT PAYMENT FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT - Most banks enable you to make one-time or recurring transfers to Hope from your checking account. You can do this simply by going online to your bank account’s “bill pay” feature. This option has no cost to you or Hope Church.

GIVE ONLINE - Set up safe and secure online giving as a one time donation or a recurring gift deducted automatically from your checking, savings account or from a credit card. 

Please note: This option charges Hope Church a 1.5%-4% fee. 

Click here for Online Giving.

BRING YOUR OFFERING TO CHURCH - Simply place cash or checks (made out to ‘Hope Community Church’) in the offering basket during the offering collection at any Sunday service.

MAIL YOUR OFFERING Send to: Hope Community Church, 740 N. Henderson Road, King of Prussia, PA. 19406.

PAYROLL DEDUCTION  - Contact your employer for automatic payroll deductions to be sent directly to Hope Community Church. Once you have enrolled in the payroll deduction process, email Dan Downing with your information.

GIFTS OF STOCKS AND BONDS - Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are great ways to give without incurring capital gains on appreciated assets. You can transfer your stock gift from your account directly to Hope’s account. The church will sell the asset and apply the amount of the sale to your annual contribution statement. If you have a stock certificate and want to discuss how to make a transfer, email Dan Downing.

Each January, Hope’s Treasurer will send a Statement of Giving covering the previous calendar year for income tax purposes. Receipts will be sent for gifts of $250 or more and for annual giving $1000 or more.. Others upon request. For IRS purposes, a receipt from Hope is required only for an individual gift of $250 or more, regardless of the total annual amount, and only if used for itemizing deductions.

QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTIONS (“QCD”)  -  Individuals age 70½ and older can make contributions to Hope directly from their IRA accounts. Such distributions, called Qualified Charitable Distributions, are excluded from taxable income. While QCD contributions cannot be included in itemized deductions for federal income tax purposes, this method will be advantageous to a donor who uses the standard deduction rather than itemizing.


Also, Qualified Charitable Distributions count toward the annual Required Minimum Distribution requirement.


To initiate QCD contributions to Hope, contact the custodian of your IRA account. 


Email Dan Downing or by phone at 484-213-3568 for more information.  Also see IRS Pub 590-B and IRS Pub 526.