Summer Connection @ Hope

As we continue to watch church online this summer, recent loosened restrictions make it the perfect time to connect - in person! - in smaller groups from your homes and in the community.  Here are some suggestions - we'd love to help you connect with these opportunities!


  • Invite a friend, neighbor, or family over to watch the Sunday service together.

  • These gatherings can be at any time and the service can be watched inside or outside on a device.

  • For example, families with young children might want to meet later in the day and discuss the message while the kids play.

  • Be sure to clearly communicate what you’re expecting when guests come over (i.e. masks/washing hands) and give a time frame (i.e. one hour).

  • Decide if food will be involved. The safest way to involve food is to have guests bring their own (i.e. donuts or brunch food).

  • If you are looking for a group or looking for someone to invite over, please contact Erin.

*Please let us know when you’re meeting, you might have a surprise delivered and we would love to see a pic for our Bring Hope Facebook page!


  • If you are comfortable having people over, invite one family, some neighbors, or church friends to fellowship in the driveway - “bring your own beverage” style. Bonus points if you mix these groups!

  • Be sure to communicate what you’re expecting when guests come over (i.e. masks/washing hands) and give a time frame (i.e. one hour).

  • If kids are coming, supply chalk and bubbles and let them chalk up the driveway with art!

  • As with “Small Church @ Home,” if this sounds fun but you are not able to host or would like suggestions on who you could invite, contact Erin.

*Show use your photos!! Email them to Erin


Come see your Hope Church family for a safe, casual outdoor gathering in our parking lot! You can do this two ways: Those wishing to walk around can arrive at 7pm, park, then walk around. OR, if you prefer to stay in your car, arrive between 7:30-8:30 and drive through to see everyone. Best part? While having fun seeing friends, you can be part of feeding families being supported by the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth! Bring a $25 gift card to Giant or Wal-Mart for the OCY Grocery Gift Card Drive and/or get some shaved ice from the Kona ice truck where 20% of proceeds will go towards the same project. SIGN UP REQUESTED.

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these opportunities, contact Director of Connections, Erin Stevens