The "Double" Vision From Senior Paster, Roman KUpecky

“Every Number has a Name, Every Name has a Story, Every Story matters to God”

What started as a personal desire to see God’s continued increase and blessing at Hope Church and a sincere prayer that God would double our attendance at Hope (from 500 regular attendees to 1,000 regular attendees) in two years – at the 10 year anniversary of the Main Campus facility - has blossomed into a church wide two-year spiritual adventure!

DOUBLE is not just an outward expansion of “more people.” Remember – every number has a name and every name has a story and every story matters to God!

It’s personal spiritual vision. It’s about seeking God with a pressing concern – reaching seekers and building believers.It’s a personal inward spiritual deepening. Why? Because we long to reach our neighborhoods, our work places, our schools and our communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe God is calling our church to an exciting future and we’re inviting you to be part of that process.

Each person is asked to:

  • Remember God’s story and great faithfulness to Hope Church for the past 25 years – it really is unbelievable!
  • Consider your integral part in God’s continuing story at Hope Church – you really are essential to God’s story at Hope Church!
  • Pray about God’s continual unfolding story at Hope Church. To go before God and with an open heart and say, “Lord, what next step do you want me to take, what do you want to do through me, so that Your will can be accomplished in and through Hope Church?”

For some of you, this may be your first spiritual adventure. Hope Church may have become your church home during the past 3 years or so. In these few years, you may have been baptized, become a participating member, or joined a small group or ministry team. Your life reflects what Hope Church is all about – helping people who are seeking God find him and start following Jesus!

Yet, when it comes to DOUBLE - you might be undecided, wondering whether or not you should be participating in our vision for the future. Wondering…do they really need me?Yes, we do need you! We invite you to join this faith-filled spiritual adventure. God has a specific plan for you at Hope Church. You will be amazed as you experience the thrill that comes when you jump in, take your next step and unite with others around you. Your heart and hands make a huge difference.Please don’t miss what God has in store for you. Please pray with us, “Lord, what next step do you want me to take, what do you want to do through me, so that Your will can be accomplished in and through Hope Church?”

Friends, that’s the DOUBLE vision!

Think of what it would be like to be part of a church that regularly goes to God with the question, “What next step do you want me to take? What do you want to do through me?”

Imagine hundreds of people who surrender all they have and all they are to God’s kingdom business and consistently put His agenda before their own.

Picture a whole church that lives with open hands and open hearts, tuned in to God, expecting His guidance, acting on His leading without hesitation.The blessing, the fruit would be the hand of God on people – they are His greatest treasure - and He would be at work in amazing ways as we witness their stories unfolding all around us.

That’s the church we want to be - that’s the DOUBLE vision.

Thanks for reading and taking your next step.