Zoom Support Help

Like many organizations we have been doing A LOT of Zoom Meetings. We've introduced a few new saftey measures to make sure our meetings are secure and only include the people that are supposed to be in that particular meeting!

Waiting Room

All of our meetings will have a Waiting Room feature.  When you join a new meeting you may be placed into a "meeting room" until the host of that particular meeting admits you.  In order for our hosts to know who you are please make sure your Zoom Name is your actual name.  (See below for information on changing your name)

Zoom Help

  • The Zoom Support section is really good and has lots of helpful information
  • There are even more helpful tips and tricks in the Zoom Covid-19 Support section
  • Changing Your Name - When you go to join a meeting on your mobile device app or your computer app you can Change your Name before you log on.  Please use your first and last name!
  • Connecting Audio - Many people have had trouble with their audio connections.  You can find more information about that in the Zoom Audio Support Section.

Extra Support

If you are still struggling please send an email to zoom@hope-cc.org and we'll be sure to be in touch to make sure you can connect to our virtual offerings!